About Bella Fierce Mama

I am a separated mother of two beautiful children. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I have a passion for fashion, beauty, jewelry, entertainment and being a great mother. I have always enjoyed writing even as a child. While my friends were talking on the phone, I was writing poems, songs and plays. I enjoy watching television, reading, dreaming, being a goofball with my kids, and making things up (not lying, but creating). My dream for this blog is to become a successful, full-time paid blogger. I’m new to Houston, Texas and hopeful ly will be getting out a lot more. I hope you enjoy reading this and will come back again. Follow me on Instagram: mzbellafierce or twitter: MizEtuk09.

Love Always,

Bella Fierce Mama




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I am a single mother of two is on the path of starting over after divorce, standing on my own two feet and making my dreams come true. I love fashion, entertainment, celebrities, television shows and mommy advice. This blog will be my outlet for my day-to-day grind. I hope you enjoy and make a daily stop. --- B. Fierce

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