Shoe Shopping With a Princess

Yesterday, the kids dad and I got together and took the kids shoe shopping. It was time. I’ve put it off too long and they were overdue. How overdue? Peyton jumped from a size 7 to size 10 in like no time. One day her size 7 shoes were fitting fine with a little room to spare; next thing I know the shoe sales woman say “size 10.” I wanted to ask her if she was reading it right, but didn’t want to insult her.

My little princess is growing up so fast. Peyton tried on five pairs of shoes. I tried steering her toward the multi-colored Hello Kitty flats with white strings. Her dad tried, very hard, to make her like his choice: the gray Hello Kitty flats. But, no one could change Princess Peyton’s mind. At first, she was settled on some Disney Princess open top shoes. Once she finally understood that those were too big, she settled for the Princess Ariel purple light up flats.

Her dad didn’t understand why we didn’t just pick one and let that be it. But, what he does not understand is: I am letting her get used to making choices in life. Yes, she is three years old and life is basically handed to her, but she has to get her independence eventually. If she makes her own choices, she will be a leader, make good life decisions and learn to voice her opinion. On the other hand, she may also become a spoiled brat, but with me as her mom-that is unlikely. Girls are princesses and when she gets older, she better find a man who is going to continue to treat her as such. It’s her God given birth rite.

But, seriously. This may seem like a puff piece. But, it’s not. I’m not one of those moms who has to control every little detail in my child’s life. I want my children to be independent and to know what they want in life. I personally think it is important. I was very shy as a child, and even now. I hardly ever would say what I really wanted or how I really felt. I don’t want that for my children. I want them to be social, outgoing, and vocal. This method may or may not work, but if it doesn’t- I can always start a new method with Justin.


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