Mad Man Crush Monday!

Ian Somerhalder


I am very familiar with Mr. Somerhalder, at least his resume’. He is the star of the cult tv show, The Vampire Diaries, which I am a huge fan. He plays the sexy, bad boy vampire, Damon Salvatore. His breakout role was in Lost as Boone Carlyle, the dead guy. In an ironic twist, he was the first person to be cast in a role for the series and the first character to die on the series. But, his character did return throughout the series.

I just found out today, that he was born and raised in Covington, Louisiana. I’m from Baton Rouge. I know we have some good looking men here, but I didn’t know we were making them that hot! I guess Louisiana really does like it HOTT! He was born December 8, 1978. He attended Catholic school in Covington and began modeling at just 10-years old. He started acting at 17 and soon became a staple in teen and young adult hearts everywhere.

What you may not know about Ian Somerhalder is he is a huge philanthropist. I follow his twitter feed and he is big on giving back. He has a heart for the environment and animals. He was actively involved in the cleanup of the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling disaster. He also is a supporter of the St. Tammany Humane Society. In 2010, he hosted a Bash on the Bayou to raised funds for the St. Tammany Humane Society. He also started the Ian Somerhalder Foundation to raise awareness of how important it is to save the environment and animals. He also participated in the It Gets Better campaign which aims to prevent suicide deaths among the LGBT community. So, he is a do-gooder in every sense of the word.

Relationship-wise, Ian Somerhalder is supposed to be dating his co-star Nina Dobrev, but reports are circulating that they have gone through a recent break-up. This is because they are usually attached at the hip and haven’t been seen together is quite awhile. He is also up for a role for the movie version of the book, Fifty Shades of Grey. This is supposedly a reason for his breakup also. But, today the blogs are saying that they visited her parents in Canada over Easter weekend. So, who knows.

I think Ian Somerhalder is really hot, he has a brain and he loves the give back. Who said there is no such thing as a perfect man? They might be wrong, I’ll  have to meet him to know for sure.

Here is a little eye candy for your enjoyment. As always, Enjoy.

 You’re welcome.



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