Review of the show “Blue” starring Julia Stiles

This show is excellent. Its one from the new generation of dramas. Its online. You can find it at

The synopsis is a single mother working two jobs to support her and her teenage son. This is where normal stops. Blue is a part-time escort. She meets men is hotel rooms, makes them feel good, gets paid for it and leaves. While with these men, she doesn’t let on that she doesn’t like it or is weirded out. One client was dress in nothing else but a diaper, processed to suck his thumb while she spooned him and tickled his chest. Her response when asked was it good? “It was good.”

I admit when I first thought about Julia Stiles, america’s sweetheart, playing an escort, I couldn’t picture it. There are times that I feel that it doesn’t quite fit, but I don’t know if that is my reservations from seeing her act in previous films or from the screen. But, nevertheless, she does a great job. She comes off comfortable in the lingerie and as a mother. She plays a very laid back mother, but not a pushover. She talks to her son about sex, porn and treating girls right.  She displays wonderfully to the watcher that she has a secret life that no one knows about.

The mother-son dynamic is great. You wouldn’t think that Blue and Josh, the son, do not talk about his school-life and feeling much. He seems very likeable, smart and charismatic  He is a joker, but is taking AP Physic, so he’s also a nerd. During the second episode, I thought, “oh, he is a good boy. They have a good relationship despite his age and they actually talk, unlike most parent-child relationships.” But as shown in the later episodes, Josh has an anger inside of him that is calling for attention. He wants to know who his father is, but Blue will not tell him. He gets in trouble at school and what the principal tells Blue, is shocking to even me as a watcher.

I give this show 5 Fierce Stars. Its a good drama. The episodes only last less than 10-minutes. They have you wanting more and more and more. I want to know more about Blue. I want to know about her relationship with her mother, her sister, her exes and how was her life in her old neighborhood. I’m about to tune in to season two, so I will soon find out.

I suggest you take a look at “Blue.” I think everyone will enjoy it.

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