Fashion Your Future: My take on a “Work at Home” venture

Swarovski logo

Swarovski logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many mothers are turning to working at home these days. They are trying to reduce the costs of transportation and daycare expenses. I recently have joined that bandwagon. A few months ago I signed up to be an Independant Consultant for Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski Group.

Swarovski Group is a very popular brand that is well known for revolutionizing the work of precision-cut crystals. They decided to bring their reputation from the red carpet and hollywood to the homes of everyday women. Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski sells beautiful jewelry under five collections: (1) City, (2) Romantic, (3) Resort, (4) Weekend and (5) Little Black Dress.

Above you will find some of my favorite pieces from each collection.


As you can see, Touchstone Crystal has the gorgeous factor down when it comes to jewelry.

They also offer amazing incentives for the host, guests and the consultant. Currently for the month of March, host of a Touchstone Crystal party get $60 for only $10. In addition to receiving FREE  jewelry and half-priced jewelry you receive just for hosting a party. Guests of a Touchstone Crystal party get 30% off any item with a $100 purchase.  There is a special every month. Plus countless numbers of incentives for the Independent Consultants. I’ve never felt like I belonged more than I feel it with Touchstone Crystal. Everyone is so supportive and helpful. Its a community!

Of course, I’ve been working at my own paces. But, I have been told so many stories about people who sale 5-6 digits on Touchstone Crystal and I believe it. Women will always pay to look gorgeous. Jewelry is here to stay. It may change with the times and trends, but women will ALWAYS wear jewelry; they will always want to look and feel beautiful. So, I think Touchstone Crystal is on the right path. I think it is a wonderful way help women make more money, set their own hours and meet new people.

My reasons for joining Touchstone Crystal were (1) to make more money for my family, (2) being a single mother is and can be very financially straining- I was looking for something better, (3) To meet more people and broaden my friendship circle, (4)and to spend more time with my kids. My reasons for staying with Touchstone Crystal are (1) the beautiful jewelry that makes it easy to sell, (2) the great incentives provided to me as a Consultant, (3) getting to spend time with my children. I think Touchstone Crystal can be rewarding on both ends: The Consultant and the Customer. You just have to try it!

For more information on Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski, to host a party or to join as an Independant Consultants, please visit my website

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